With You Every Step of the Way

All too often, you are promised the best team a company has to offer, but at the kickoff meeting you are presented with an entirely different group of individuals. When you choose Timberline, you are selecting a team lead by principal engineers who will guide the work of the project and will be there throughout the duration of the project. David Dozier directs Timberline's project management system and will direct the management and communication on your project. The technical work of the project will be lead by one of our principals who will direct the efforts of the design team and be the "Engineer of Record" for the project. Because our principals have worked together for more than 20 years, you can be assured that they will see your project through from kickoff to closeout.

In 1991, John and Dan began the design of the Los Alamos National Laboratory SCADA system. The project went through lengthy preliminary and final design stages and through months of client review. At one of the early construction meetings in 1996, one of the members of the client’s team looked around the table and noted that he, John, and Dan were the only members of the team left from the kickoff meeting! The project manager and the technical representatives of each of the Laboratory’s interests had all been replaced in the course of the project. In 2002, John and Dan performed construction support services for a telemetry upgrade they designed for that same system. Unlike so many consultants, when you choose Timberline you choose a specific team who will be with you for the long haul.

Registered Professional Engineers with a Unique Blend of Expertise

Timberline’s three principals have worked together since 1991. Highlights of our expertise not commonly found in A/E firms include project management; radio and fiber optic communications design; enterprise computer networking; and specialized industrial electric systems. This team provides clients with management expertise and technical excellence in areas where most consultants are ineffective.

Management Expertise

Timberline's clients enjoy successful projects because of our project management system. David Dozier directs Timberline’s project management system and will manage your project. David is an experienced, professional project manager with an unparalleled dedication to meeting cost, schedule, and quality commitments. David’s experience includes more than a dozen years managing projects from very small, short duration efforts, to large multidiscipline efforts with construction costs in the millions of dollars.

With Timberline, you will experience the difference that good project management fundamentals make. Meetings will be scheduled in advance, the time and place will be confirmed prior to the meeting, all meetings will have a schedule and agenda, and the client will receive notes of the items discussed, decisions made, and action items assigned. You will find that all parties understand the scope and schedule for each deliverable, deliverables will receive internal quality assurance and peer review, and schedule commitments will be met. Your project will meet your technical expectations and will be completed on schedule with no surprises.

Technical Excellence

Timberline's clients have come to expect technically superior system solutions that meet their requirements and surpass their expectations. John Dwyer, Dan Meigs, and David Dozier bring very diverse, complementary backgrounds to their projects. Every project has its standard elements that require proven solutions and its unique flavor that require creative problem solving. John, Dan, and David draw upon their experience to apply proven solutions where possible and develop creative solutions to the unique problems. Collectively this team produces a result that ordinary teams cannot provide.

For Sweetwater Authority, a water authority in San Diego County, California, Timberline designed a SCADA system to control their water distribution system. Many aspects of the SCADA design were based on proven solutions Timberline had implemented before; however, the remote sites are tucked into canyons that are inaccessible to standard SCADA radio solutions. To solve this problem, we developed a unique hierarchical telemetry solution based on spread spectrum radio. This solution proved to be fast, robust and fault-tolerant. But, based on our experience, we were concerned about the difficulty of assessing and managing the system’s performance. To alleviate these concerns, Timberline developed requirements for SCADA system programming to monitor the communications performance and provide the detailed information necessary to manage the system effectively. This monitoring capability provided the insight to assess the performance of the system as it was installed and adjusted and to monitor changes in the performance over the life of the system. This approach resulted in a system that met the client’s telemetry needs and exceeded their performance expectations.

John Dwyer specialized in microwave engineering in college and worked 10 years for Mountain Bell and Sprint as a microwave radio engineer before beginning consulting work in 1991. In his years as a consultant, John has specialized in the application of microwave communications to SCADA systems. John brings deep technical understanding of microwave propagation and an incredible breadth of experience with all aspects of microwave communications, an area that is typically weak for most SCADA consulting engineers. Based on John’s qualifications you can be assured of a technically excellent project.

Dan Meigs has a master's degree and 25 years experience including more than 20 years as a consultant designing SCADA, telemetry, microwave, and security systems. Dan is well versed in decomposing system designs into a set of decision analysis problems. Dan has studied and applied quantitative decision analysis techniques to engineering projects including the use of risk analysis to validate decisions. Dan has also studied computer security and networking. Dan’s breadth of systems engineering experience makes him the perfect complement to John’s technical expertise.

David is an engineer with a master's degree in Electric Utility Management and nearly 30 years experience. David has technical experience in all aspects of commercial, industrial, and utility-oriented electrical design, with a particular emphasis on SCADA, instrumentation, controls and electrical support of domestic and industrial water utility systems. David’s depth in electrical design and years of managing construction projects ensures our system solutions are practical, biddable and constructable

Timberline Engineering’s team provides innovative practical solutions to the unique demands of a wide variety of clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can bring this talent to your team.