Radiation Exposure Analysis

In recent years, the general public has become increasingly concerned about electromagnetic radiation exposure. Recent news articles concerning possible exposure hazards of cellular telephone use has only heightened the public's concern. As such, more and more of our clients are finding that it is necessary to address exposure concerns regarding their communication tower/equipment installations, even in situations where there is little or no justification for concern.

RF Exposure Analysis

Timberline has the expertise to perform electromagnetic radiation exposure analysis and provide detailed reports that can be utilized by our clients in presentations to neighbors, public meetings, environmental compliance documents, etc. A typical Timberline report would determine the electromagnetic radiation that is generated by a facility and then compare these results to the exposure limits allowed by the applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines "Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields." Should it be necessary, Timberline can also provide mitigation recommendations.

In a typical application, the communication equipment utilized in the design of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system project will produce electromagnetic radiation that is clearly within the applicable guidelines. However, it behooves the client to be proactive regarding this issue, and to have the requisite documentation regarding electromagnetic radiation exposure prepared and on file.